Simple. Natural. Effective.

If we ask you to imagine almost flawless, smooth, soft, and radiant skin, the image of a baby probably comes to mind, right? Can you imagine being able to achieve an effect very similar to the one you just pictured? With Amelia iPretty, you can now reach that goal thanks to its range of naturally formulated skincare products with firming and conditioning properties.

Certified as natural and ecological, Amelia iPretty's organic beauty solutions aim to moisturize the skin deeply, helping to reverse the passage of time by bringing firmness and volume to facial contours, thus visibly improving the beauty of your skin and being particularly effective on sensitive skins.

Designed to make you feel younger than ever, without abandoning the naturalness provided by a line of products free of silicones, pigments, alcohol, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils or parabens. The finest plant extracts blend up with marine collagen and high-quality natural preservatives to create unique products that will allow you to rejuvenate your skin health back to its infancy.


Our collagen is your best ally against aging

Concern about slowing down skin aging is familiar to almost everyone. Over time, our skin becomes older, loses elasticity, our facial features lose definition, and the first wrinkles take over our face. Amelia iPretty knows the needs of your skin and the properties of the most effective ingredients present in nature to help you unleash your unique natural beauty.

Collagen is naturally generated in our body and has an essential role in our facial skincare routine, as it helps regenerate dermal cells and keeps skin smooth. With aging, the natural production of collagen decreases, this protein stops being generated or slows down, and the first signs of aging appear: expression wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and depigmentation. Researchers have been able to show that it can help improve skin protection, hydration, elasticity, and overall skin quality. In other words, marine collagen can be perceived as a natural anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, or photo-protective agent!

Therefore, it is essential to find a solution to keep your skin young at all times. Amelia iPretty offers you a natural, effective, and dermatologist-recommended alternative based on fish collagen so that you can give your skin the care it deserves every single day of your life.

Join the revolution of perfectly pampered skin, discover Amelia iPretty.

Welcome to the most natural form of skincare you will ever experience.


The entire team at Amelia iPretty is continuously engaged in the development of innovative natural solutions for premium skincare driven by a passion for improving the lives, appearance and health of its customers.

Through facial beauty and hygiene treatments and creams, the company aims to provide a simple and natural alternative solution for those who have sensitive or vulnerable skin, and cannot find something suitable for them.


Amelia iPretty's philosophy is born from the belief that all people have a unique natural beauty, which we should not lose over the years, but be able to enhance.

Accordingly, after several months of outstanding activity, the business vision has been consolidated around the objective of becoming an international benchmark to which anyone can refer when they require an avant-garde, effective and natural solution for the health of their skin, without ever leaving behind Amelia iPretty's strong commitment to the future of the planet and sustainable development.